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I'm Dr. Jeffrey Tiel: Philosopher, Writer, Teacher.

I am an author and lecturer living in Columbus, Ohio.  I have previously taught at
the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY, as well as at Vanderbilt University in
Nashville, TN.  I am a veteran teacher, known for bringing ancient ideas to life.  My
extensive travels throughout the Mediterranean world—through Italy, Egypt, Israel, and
Greece—provide a rich historical context for the characters and plot-line of my supernatural
thrillers, The Search for Melchizedek and Osiris Rising.  I have also authored Philosophy of
Human Nature
, Faith & Reflection, and “Why Did Adam Fall?” and other Unasked-for

A passionate home cook, home coffee roaster, wine enthusiast, and loving husband and father, you will most likely find me poring over a good book or entertaining friends and loved ones.

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